Greige silk

The right balance of components, volumes and proportions

The ideal kitchen displays the right balance of components, volumes and proportions. Using linear base units helps the ongoing search for the right combination. Relying on craftspeople with a background built over decades of work in one of the most important national furniture centres is even more important. Turati Cucine, for example, can provide the elegant you can see in these images. What immediately stands out? What is noticeable? The detail of the matching handle for the opening of the tall units with recessed groove in the thickness of the drawers and doors.

The perfect balance for any kitchen

Look at the hob. Ultra-flat, minimalist and perfectly integrated into the design. The freedom of expression continues within the individual elements with equipment that provides boundless possibilities for customisation. This is how we work, and what we do. We are flexible, attentive to the latest influences and the various currents that periodically develop in the varied universe of home furnishing. The trend is studied and reinterpreted, and taken one step further – our kitchens are timeless, always modern and avant-garde.

Detail is king

The importance of details Details are our speciality – they are studied for our different solutions, giving them the right importance, fitting perfectly into the overall design. The forms chosen are elegant and functional. Turati Cucine has an eye for tradition, which is our source of daily inspiration, while we look to the future, to find the ideal combination. Customisation is not a cause for concern, on the contrary what we create is affordable and we guarantee a quality product, made with passion and dedication.