Turati Cucine, innovation and tradition for custom-made solutions

Interpreting spaces with taste and personality is Turati Cucine’s daily work. We are a young company but made up of craftspeople linked to local tradition and with decades of experience. Brianza, and particularly Meda, are the realm of artisanal furniture and its design. At Turati Cucine, the watchword is customisation, providing products at affordable prices. We like to define ourselves as “tailors”, able to “sew” the perfect kitchen to our customers’ needs. we design and produce modern and unique kitchen environments, with care and attention to innovative and trendy design. Our products are hand-finished using the traditional method.

turati cucine
turati cucine

Turati Cucine for a unique home

We do not only deal in kitchens but can supply a wide range of products. We intercept different styles and desires, working towards a precise result – making our customers’ homes unique. We design furniture for the bathroom, living and sleeping areas and wardrobes. This means providing a comprehensive “home package”, with completely customised products that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In addition to high quality, the customer must consider another aspect. They will deal with one person, simplifying the management of the home furnishing process. The home’s furnishing style will be harmonised. Delivery and assembly services complete the picture, saving customer time.

Customised solutions

Everything revolves around the customer. We study and create together customised solutions for an ideal kitchen, carefully focusing on details and different finishes. The services include the initial study with drawing, estimate and measurement survey. Then there is the item production and installation. Customers can enter Turati Cucine with no ideas and leave with a complete, unique and designer kitchen. The qualified staff will know how to transform the customer’s aesthetic and functional requirements into optimal, customised solutions. The value of materials and love for detail are essential features of our production.