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A Made in Italy kitchen, an example of elegant functionality

A Made in Italy kitchen – our creations express the values of Italian craftsmanship. Turati Cucine’s professionals have been a reference for decades in the creation of these spaces, a shining example of elegant functionality. Our range includes solutions with exclusive aesthetics, where each element is inspired by the purest geometry, and the utmost design essentiality – our project features simplicity and rigour. Elegance springs from these precise, clear-cut guidelines. There is no confusion or improvisation – every detail is carefully studied.

When the kitchen is Made in Italy

The photographs on this page remind us of the values described above. Linger over the cantilevered top of this kitchen, elevated to an inviting meeting point where we can converse and enjoy good company. Made of folded oak wood. It invites us to stay and inspires conviviality. Typical of a warm and cosy home. The refined and elegant design expresses a contemporary taste, enriched by highly technical features. Not only elegance, but quality combined with functionality.

For a kitchen that stands out

Our customised and excellent products enable you to stand out. These distinguished kitchens differentiate themselves from industrial production for their countless features including the finishes, materials, craftsmanship and customisation. The design is equally remarkable, with ideas that are striking for their contemporaneity, stylistic innovation and creativity. Turati Cucine has an important mission – interpret emotions and make them solid. To do this, it is necessary to be in harmony with the environment and creating a kitchen that reflects the personality of those who will experience it daily.