Lead Oak

A balanced and rational environment for our kitchen

Turati Cucine’s product range features countless styles. This is because customisation allows our craftspeople an unlimited range of options. This leads to eye-catching and high aesthetic value solutions. Our kitchens can provide sophisticated colour combinations, outlining a balanced and rational environment. This can be seen in the pictures on the page – tall units and shelves in Lead Oak, wall and base units in a glossy or matt lacquered finish.

A balanced and modern environment

We provide modern kitchens, without sacrificing tradition. Our professionals will find the perfect balance between modern and traditional designs, resulting in a kitchen where anyone can find their ideal space. This space will have a firm, solid, but unconventional personality. Our daily work consists of shaping each kitchen with care and attention – nothing is left out, no detail is overlooked. The craftsmanship tradition of Brianza, and especially Meda, produces unique works.

A custom-made kitchen represents a person’s lifestyle

Each custom-made kitchen is the brainchild of the person who chooses it, and represents their lifestyle. Once through the house door, we get in the area dedicated to the preparation of meals, which is the typical place for sharing moments together – genuine emotions and old-fashioned flavours. This is the place where we should be able to relax and feel at ease. Because the kitchen, whether large or small, is a personal space suspended between past and future. We all seek its warmth that is authentic and capable of generating well-being.