Marble Petroil

Classic kitchen environments

Sometimes there is a need for classic kitchen environments that can welcome us with a friendly and comfortable look. It’s not just about a constant search for innovation and going beyond what has already been imagined. The highly modular elements allow more traditional and familiar lines and forms, in which we are experts. The combination of modules, double modules and corner solutions create a linear design where base, tall and wall units fit harmoniously.

Clean lines for classic kitchen environments

These kitchens feature neat and clean lines, designed by integrating multiple materials that create configurations with great personality and appeal. The design is pure, the forms are simple and return to geometric tradition. Past and present meet, bringing elegance and needs together. As a result, we have personal and cosy kitchens, without sacrificing comfort. Our craftspeople can think and express a technical approach that can make any space functional, while being extremely elegant.

The perfect space to take a break

What is important? Entering the kitchen means feeling at home. We recognise it as our creative space, for those who love the art of cooking, or as a welcoming area for moments to share. It should also be a place where we can take a break during our busy days. A place where we can pause and take time for ourselves. In this situation, it is essential to entrust reliable experts who can create classic kitchen environments with expertise and experience. Turati Cucine can combine innovation and tradition during the design phase and when choosing materials.