Living Kitchen

Living kitchen, when the kitchen is a lifestyle expression

Living kitchen. The kitchen is not really alive but it means a space in which to live. For Turati Cucine the kitchen is an expression of a contemporary lifestyle concept. With our craftspeople, we can design integrated solutions. There is a quest for perfect functionality – a crucial factor when dealing with the culinary art. We are promoters of an avant-garde style and design culture, which is attuned to our daily environment.

Living kitchen, a matter of details

Nothing is improvised, everything is studied to the smallest detail. The freshness of the selected materials is combined with light compositions, which provide the environment with a warm and welcoming image through light and its nuances. There is a precise balance of forms, which gives a feeling of lightness and freedom. Our specialists create connections between volumes and surfaces. These intersect, mix, match and create a new living, custom-designed space.

Custodians of tradition

This is one of our strengths. By entering our showroom, you can transform an idea into a project, which will come to life. “Grounding” a thought is a process entrusted to our craftspeople. They have been the proud custodians of the Brianza furniture-making tradition for decades. Customisation is the watchword, and includes a wide range of materials, finishes and winning, elegant, quality solutions. The method involves the search for a unique atmosphere, shaped by the attention to detail. This brings us back to the expression “living kitchen”, a space to live and full of emotion.