Canaletto Moro

A space to live – the kitchen

A place where stories are created, lives are intertwined, opinions are exchanged, quarrels erupt and peace is made – the kitchen is a space to live. The space to live par excellence. This space is crucial for our home economy. Its construction must be entrusted to professionals. This is where Turati Cucine comes in – our craftspeople who come from the Brianza craftsmanship tradition, can create integrated, simple and linear projects. We overcome the standard concept of a kitchen, and build an authentic space to live.

The kitchen is a space to live

Looking at the pictures on the page, the feeling is clear. We see a strong, compact structure, which contains functions, storage units and intelligently organised space. Formal perfection reaches performance peaks. Turati Cucine does this with its sculpted, square but welcoming design. The kitchens’ clean-cut forms are combined with the warmth of materials and finishes inspired by nature. The result is authentic, original and high quality – a kitchen that becomes a space to live.

A simple and clear philosophy

The philosophy behind our work is simple and clear. Forms and functions are designed to be versatile, according to needs, regardless of what is done in the kitchen, whether cooking or serving at the table. Customisation includes a wide range of finishes and materials, but at affordable prices. Great attention is paid to storage space, one of the kitchen’s most important requirements. Optimising this space implies its efficient and flexible use.