Bronze Mirror

A contemporary kitchen

Turati Cucine‘s range includes a modern state-of-the-art kitchen. What comes from our Meda craftspeople stands out for its functionality and aesthetics, as we can see in the pictures on this page. The two basic features mentioned before can be found in the details – here we have canaletto walnut wall units combined with bronze mirrors The simple, geometric lines meet contemporary taste. The integrated sink gives a textural continuity to the worktop, enhancing its minimal and contemporary style.

The result is a contemporary kitchen

Our kitchens stand out for their great customisation potential. Customisation is the watchword, for kitchens that interpret and represent individual lifestyles. Our craftspeople represent the purest and noblest Brianza craftsmanship and transform the new living styles into practical solutions. Their work involves modelling the kitchen with the utmost care. For each kitchen and customer. Stylistic innovation and new materials are part of our daily work – the result is impressive examples of contemporary kitchens that stand out for their creativity and imagination.

Between simplicity, refinement and tradition

When simplicity meets refinement, we talk about Turati Cucine creations. The wide choice of materials and finishes and the high expertise of our operators are valuable factors. Additional value is given by the affordable price of a contemporary, custom-made kitchen.  We have been creating reliable furniture of excellence for more than 70 years. We are an active regional player – the representatives of the Meda craftsmanship tradition.