Custom-made wardrobes – always the leader

After talking about kitchens and bathrooms, all that remains now is to delve into the chapter on custom-made wardrobes. Turati Cucine is at the forefront of custom-made wardrobe manufacture. The goal is simple but fundamental – creating a comprehensive piece of furniture for each of our customers’ homes. With the choice of materials and finishes, we can create a link between rooms creating an extraordinary harmony. This is quite an undertaking, which can only be achieved by highly qualified craftspeople.

A unified project

The features of cabinets and wardrobes, which are created and displayed in our showroom, can be found throughout our entire production. That is, richness of detail and special care for the element’s construction quality. It is a unified project, in which each room or element is linked to another by details or manufacture. A distinguishing feature is an original and light design, which can be repeated in modular architectures. These create effects with light and innovative textural combinations, for unique products.

Custom-made wardrobes

Alongside new materials and surfaces, there is a special design of what you are looking for. Our craftspeople are the main players in the traditional Brianza industry, particularly Meda, and design plays a crucial role. In this way, customisation is taken to a level of excellence, where everyone can find custom-made wardrobes. Every need can be fulfilled, finding the ideal relationship between functionality and simplicity, between a decisive appeal and a search for extremely clean lines. Design and the constant search to optimise available space remain dominant. There is no improvisation in Turati Cucine’s production process.