Bathroom furniture – our product range goes beyond kitchens

Not only kitchens: in addition to the classic environment that sets us apart, we make customised bathroom furniture. Our craftspeople follow a refined style: the starting point is a design study, attentive to each element’s functionality. In addition, there is the search for a high degree of modularity, which allows personal involvement in the creation of the bathroom space. Completing the picture are the excellent materials (chosen for precise reasons), refined finishes and sophisticated details. even in bathroom furniture Turati Cucine uses its tradition and innovation at the service of the customer.

Bathroom furniture

These are unique, tailor-made, and exclusive products. These solutions are the result of carefully studied proportions and constant search for a soft hue, where colour is seen as matter responding to light. It is possible to enter the showroom with an idea in mind and leave with a practical implementation of that thought. What was only imagined becomes reality, with valuable support and experience. First, the idea is put on paper, for the design phase, then is made practical for a tailor-made solution. The idea that these products are highly expensive is a myth – the costs are affordable, despite the Turati Cucine customisation and background.

Regional craftsmanship

Lifelong craftspeople – these professionals work with us daily and have the local manual skills and craftsmanship, typical of the Brianza region that produces excellence. Furniture has been produced for more than 70 years – this wealth of experience is an added value, while being a new, fresh and contemporary company. Those in search of innovative, designer bathroom furniture will find what they need in our showroom, with revolutionary linearity and proportions, and an unparalleled elegance.