Kitchens with personality, neat and clean lines

Our kitchens embody our dreams – we build them, just as we imagined. Sophisticated and elegant, innovative and simple, functional and spacious. They feature neat and clean lines, designed by integrating different materials. And by focusing on colour combinations. At Turati Cucine, we create arrangements with great personality, even for small kitchens. No need to worry about the lack of square metres – a quality solution is always at hand.

Craftspeople for kitchens with a strong personality

Our craftspeople, who come from the outstanding Brianza and Meda tradition, work with imagination, dedication and passion. We put our energy and skills into designing kitchen furniture with solutions that are contemporary and functional. Innovation must be in the service of ideas, not for its own sake. The attention to detail creates a kitchen in which to live. This translates into accurate finishes, and a research for a special atmosphere, a precise choice of materials which creates a home that is full of emotion and warmth. Here we have an interaction between volumes and surfaces. These blend and redefine a tailored living space.

Kitchen and living space increasingly connect

Modernity is pushing towards increasingly connected kitchens and living rooms. Our task is to create a customised environment, capable of responding to different living needs. Customisation is one of our watchwords. It is possible to enter our showroom with an idea or intent and leave with a tailor-made project. There is no need for an expensive budget to achieve these results – our kitchens are affordable, despite being ingenious masterpieces.